Dark Moon Apothecary-Seer Smoke, Smoke Cleansing Blend

Posted on December 11, 2021 by laureen barker

Our Seer Smoke, smoke cleansing blend, is a phenomenal addition to any divination practice!

Each ingredient was carefully curated to promote deep connection to the divine, offer protection & assist in finding deep insight during any divination or spiritual practice.



->Known to promote visions through dreaming

->Spiritually protective

->Increases connection to divine energy


->Increases psychic abilities

->Promotes relaxation & quiets the mind so spirit can take over

Manitoba Sage (Ethically & Traditionally harvested)


->Cleanses the space of residual energies, negative energy & evil spirits


->Increases psychic abilities

->Dreaming aid

Burn a small amount of smoke cleansing blend on a lit charcoal puck in a heat safe dish before rituals to cleanse & prepare the space & your mind to help you transition into the subtle spiritual realms.


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