Dark Moon Apothecary-Witch Wash

Posted on December 11, 2021 by laureen barker

We created our Witch Wash to act as a wash or cleansing spray for divination tools, spaces & hands before and after practice to clear residual energies, promote spiritual protection and enhance psychic abilities.

It works as a great alternative for Florida Water practitioners who use to cleanser their hands and space between clients. Plus the Peppermint oil gives it a cooling & tingling sensation on hands.


Mugwort Oil

->Increases psychic abilities

->Provides spiritual protection


->Used traditionally to cleanse divination tools

Peppermint Oil

->Increases psychic abilities

->Promotes mental clarity & focus

Camphor Oil

->Assists in divination

->Banishes negative energies


Lavender Oil

->Increases psychic abilities

->Promotes relaxation to facilitate ease in spiritual practice by bringing peace to mind so the spirit can take over

Clear Quartz


->Cleanses negative energies

Labradorite crystal

->Spiritually protective

->Called the 'Magician's Stone' as it is a powerful aid in magickal practice & divination 

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