Shungite Water for Energetic & Physical Cleansing

Posted on August 25, 2020 by laureen barker

🖤Cleansing & Purifying, Shungite is mostly made up of carbon. It is a powerful energetic cleanser but also a great detox support for our bodies!
Discovered in Russia and still mostly found there, Peter the Great was a proponent in the use of Shungite. He recognized the qualities of the mineral as having many health benefits. As a result, he made all of his soldiers carry a piece with them to purify their water & help clean their wounds. Nowadays people like to use Shungite to protect themselves against EMF (Electro Magnetic Forces) radiation to help balance the energies in their body & help guard against EMF stress.
🖤FUN FACT: There is Shungite but there is also Noble Shungite. Regular Shungite is quite black where as Noble Shungite is more silver & shiny. Noble Shungite also has a higher carbon content ranging from 90 % - 98% where as regular Shungite has a range of 30 % - 90 % (inconsistently).
We recommend using Noble Shungite for as you have a more consistent concentration of carbon to work with when using it to help with physical ailments.
🖤Shungite Water
1 Mason Jar
1/2 - 1 Lemon (juice only)
1 Tsp of Himalayan Salt or Sea Salt
1-3 Pieces of Noble Shungite (Depending on how concentrated you want it to be for cleansing)
*Optional: Pray to preferred expression of divinity for spiritual cleansing & energetic protection
*Charge under a full moon; Depending on the placement of the full moon you can tap into different energies for different uses. Ex: Full Moon in Cancer can intensify cutting negative cords of attachment with toxic family members, Full Moon in Aquarius can create a deeper cleanser of the effects of technology in our bodies & EMF raditation.
🖤Keep on the counter & drink 1/2 a cup daily diluted with tap or filtered water. You may feel the detox of the concentrated cleansers, so go slowly, don't upset your system unnecessarily but listen to your body!

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