Interview with Peggy of Chateau Blanche

Posted on March 03, 2022 by Dannika Soukoroff

Chateau Blanche is an independent artist and creates beautiful & funny stickers, cards, mugs and many other products!


We found Peggy's line and could not resist bringing it in to Gaia.


Being a metaphysical shop, in the Kootenays & next door to Buddy's Pot Shop, the themes of occult, spirituality & marajuana combined seemed to be a perfect fit for our shop.

Gaia: When did you start creating art?

Peggy: I've always loved creating. In my earliest memories I'm drawing, painting, sculpting, & collaging. If it had anything to do with making art, objects, pictures etc. I wanted to try it.

Gaia: What were some of the first mediums you worked with in creating your art?

Peggy: I have memories of raiding my parents' business supply closet and using basic copy paper stapled down the side to resemble a sketch book, red & black bic ballpoint pens, & yellow highlighters.

Gaia: On your Instagram page you describe yourself as a ‘Greeting card company gone rogue’. Did you only initially start with greeting cards and break into other things? When did this happen?

Peggy: I was primarily a greeting card company for the first year and I slowly branched out to other things that my art would work on. Enamel pins & patches, stickers & magnets. Art prints & keychains & mugs. I made a coloring book once too. I enjoy several processes outside of drawing so a lot of the handmade items are products of my desire to work with a specific medium. What do I want to work with right now? Do I want to play with clay and make ashtrays or ring cones? Do I want to experiment with resin & gold leaf & crystals? Do I want to zen out and paint wood beads for keychains and roach clips?


Gaia: Do you plan to grow your collection to other products?

Peggy: Oh absolutely. I will always want to play with my creativity through trying new things and learning as many artistic processes as I can. Sometimes I try a new process and I'm hooked! Other times I'll try something and immediately realize I never want to do it again.


Gaia: We absolutely love your weed tarot stickers! What are your favourite pieces from your line?

Peggy: Any of my recent stickers & coffee mugs. Those products allow me a bit more creative wiggle room as opposed to designing an event specific greeting card. Also part of the reason I've continued to "go rogue".


Gaia: What is the most challenging thing about being an artist? What is the most rewarding, fun or exciting thing?

Peggy: The most challenging thing about being an artist is that I've made it my career. When I draw or design something there's pressure for it to be well received & marketable while still being authentic. The most rewarding thing about being an artist is that I made it my career. My actual job is to make things that others enjoy enough to give as gifts or buy for themselves and that's really really cool. The most exciting thing is that I get to write off all my art supplies.


Gaia: How do you think you have grown as a person in the last year?

Peggy: Honestly, I didn't grow much last year. That sounds bad, but I was just trying to get through it, ya know? I've probably grown more in the last month than I did the entirety of 2021.

Gaia: What is one thing you would like to grow about yourself in 2022?

Peggy: Giving myself and others more grace. We're all doing our best.

Gaia: What is your sun sign and do you feel you relate to it? If you know what your moon and ascendant signs are, do you feel like they reflect in your personality?

Peggy: My sun sign is Scorpio and yes 100%. My ascendant is Scorpio and my moon is in Leo. These are also all too accurate. I'm also considered a cusp baby, born on November 22nd... so I have quite a few Sagittarius traits as well.

Gaia: What would be in your bag at Gaia Rising?

Peggy: What would be in your shopping bag at Gaia Rising? White Onyx Runes. Selenite Yin Yang Candle Holder. Herbal Tarot Deck. Gratitude Journal. Bee by the Sea Hand Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner. :)


We carry a number of Chateau Blanche stickers, cards & some mugs at Gaia Rising....

But you can find Chateau Blanche online @


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