You Are a Goddess

Working with the Sacred Feminine to Awaken, Heal and Transform
You Are A Goddess is a comprehensive guide to working with the energy of the sacred feminine through ten goddess archetypes. It shows readers how they can discover themselves in each of the archetypes, embody their positive qualities, and crucially, how to integrate the darker, more intense feminine energy that women themselves can sometimes fear.

The book will explain how each goddess's energies, healing abilities, and transformational processes are reflected in the reader and influence the patterns of her life. The goddess archetypes will be described with their individual characteristics and "energy templates".

The book will include intuitively channelled texts and sacred messages from each goddess. Throughout the book, Sophie Bashford will interweave her own personal experiences of inner transformation, and will share how her suppressed spiritual feminine energy was awakened. Within each chapter, she will also incorporate some real-life experiences of participants from her retreats and workshops.

You Are a Goddess will offer guidance to women wishing to reconnect with their own divine femine and support to those going through powerful spiritual change.

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