Healing Yourself the Cosmic Way

It has been known for some time that our thoughts influence our health. However, the extent of this discovery is taken to a new dimension in this groundbreaking work that is based on the experiences of its two authors, in working with the I Ching.

Health, not illness, is the natural standard for the body. Our body functions through a harmonious cooperation between the consciousnesses of all the various organs and bodily systems. The root causes of illness are to be found in ideas and beliefs that are in conflict with what our body knows on its deepest level through the DNA that is embedded in every body cell. Ill health is caused first by thoughts that make us vulnerable to illness through disabling our natural defenses. Once we have become vulnerable, other kinds of sick-making ideas and beliefs can enter and manifest in specific illnesses. This book shows how to recognize such beliefs and deprogram them with Cosmic help. The result is that our self-healing abilities are restored and our body, freed from the burden of sick-making thoughts, springs back to health.

At a time of drastically increasing costs for conventional health care, this book enables its reader to take matters of healing back into their own hands.

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