Green Valley Essential Oil - Empowered - 5ml

Empowered spiritual synergy was created to help empower your journey of personal growth, combining essential oils that reduce anxiety and help regulate female hormones.

When Empowered was created, Green Valley was thinking of all the people they've spoken to over the years who have felt as though they were in a rut, couldn't have a life of their own, life was passing them by and a lot of other similar comments. They chose the essential oils in Empowered to balance the emotions, feel grounded, to relax and help sleep, and to help get rid of all the clutter that gets stored in your head. This creates the energy and the power to move on.

Contains essential oils of: Frankincense, Geranium, Patchouli, Rose Geranium, and Vanilla

Information retrieved from Green Valley Aromatherapy.

The information and opinions provided here are for general educational purposes only and do not replace medical advice. It is your responsibility to consult a suitably qualified medical practitioner to ensure that you will not have any medical problems from any of this product.

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