Green Valley Aromatherapy - Palmarosa - 5ml

Palmarosa is steam distilled utilizing the entire grassy plant to produce a pale yellow oil with the main active constituent being geraniol (usually between 75% and 95%). It is a scented grass in the same family as lemon grass. Some of its countries of origin are Brazil, Africa and Central America.

Palmarosa is probably best known for its valuable role in skincare, as it helps to hydrate and stimulate the skin's cellular regeneration (cytophylactic). Keeping this in mind, it may, with regular use, help to decrease the appearance of wrinkles and crepey skin. It also has the power to help the skin in balancing the production of sebum. Its antiseptic properties make it useful for acne, some forms of dermatitis and even some minor skin irritations.

Palmarosa oil has a strong reputation for its powerful, wide spectrum, bactericide capabilities. It has been tested on Escherichia Coli bacteria and was found to kill it in 5 minutes.

Palmarosa has been used in the treatment of anorexia to help stimulate the appetite and help to improve sluggish digestion .

This oil blends especially well with Geranium.

Specific Cautions

May irritate sensitive skin. Avoid during pregnancy. Increases photo-sensitivity.

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