Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon

Written by Machaelle Small Wright, Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon is an autobiography that picks up where "Behaving as if the God in all Life Mattered" left off.  It presents a journey that takes you through Machaelle's steps leading you to important insights about your life and where you're going.

"Dancing" is a book about expansion - not the ordinary day-to-day expansion we all experience as a result of our getting out of bed and facing the day.  "Dancing" is about BIG expansion - the kind that knocks the breath out of us, disorients us, makes us question our sanity.  it's the kind of expansion that challenges us to let go of the reality we have always known - and grown to trust - in order to move into a completely new reality that we previously did not know existed.

"Dancing" reminds us that we are not moving through today's challenges alone, that wonderful options for moving forward are right infront of us and that death is not an end to anything.  "Dancing" gives us new ways of seeing - including how we see the presentstate of the world.  In turn, we are put more at ease, we are strengthened and we can function.

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