Your Dreams by Ana Lora Garrard

Spiritual Messages in Pyjamas

Dream interpretation doesn't have to be an intellectual exercise. Try exploring the true meaning of dreams with your heart and discover your own innate wisdom.

Refreshingly simple, unique and intuitive, Ana Lora Garrard's approach to dream exploration is based on the premise that dreams reflect your own inner wisdom. Engaging the heart, mind and body, these easy-to-use tools help you interpret the messages your soul is communicating. You can also apply these exercises to your everyday life, or "waking dreams," for insights into work, heath, relationships, finances, and spiritual awakening.

What's the significance of reccurring images, nightmares, and dreams of loved ones who have died? Can dreams predict the future, provide healing, or open the door to a higher power? All of these questions and more are answered in this one-of-a-kind, holistic guide to dream analysis.

Available in softcover. 

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