Visions of Paradise (DVD)

Mother Theresa once said: "I will never go to an Anti War rally, but if you invite me to a Peace Rally I will be there.” Rather than focusing on the problems of the world, Mother Theresa believed that focusing energy on positive thoughts, was the key to positive change. This film interviews various people in the green movement, and rather than ask them what had to be changed, or what was wrong with the world, we asked them, "What is your vision of paradise?” By sharing our ideas and focusing on positive thoughts we believe the world will one day become the paradise that we all envision.

Featured Guests : David Wolfe, Paul Stamets, Daniel Pinchbeck, Ayman Sawaf, Casey James, Chad Vandenberg, Chuck D., Crew Grrl Order, David Sereda, Jim Law, Dr. Lemy Horowitz, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Happy Oasis, Human Revolution, Medicine Wolf, Rickie Byars Beckwith and more.

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