Vedic Statue - Naga Kanya - 4"

This exquisite white resin Statue of Naga Kanya (the daughter of the Naga King Nagaraja) is handcrafted in Oregon, USA by Mission Studios, and is part of their Vedic Collection. The height of this statue is approximately 4 inches.

Nagas are serpent-like spirits who live in oceans, lakes, rivers and wells, and they play an important part in many Asian mythologies, religions and folktales. In Sanskrit, nag is the word for cobra. Nagas are the guardians of water and the ones who give rain.

Naga, or serpent, cults date back to the earliest Indus valley civilizations around 2500 B.C.E. Nagas inhabit the underworld, where they guard the riches and treasures that are found there.

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