Vaster Than the Sky, Greater Than Space

What You Are Before You Became

What if all that you believe yourself to be-your body, mind, emotions, and conditioning-is actually what you are not? What if this is merely a self-portrait shaped by false identification, habit, and assumptions? In ever-growing gatherings across worldwide, the revered teacher Mooji has for decades opened the eyes of thousands through his rare ability to shine light on the ineffable with uncommon clarity, humor, and warmth.

Now, with Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than SpaceMooji invites readers everywhere to discover the true essence from which we all arise. In this immersive series of dialogues, Mooji guides us into the adventure of deep inquiry, sparking direct realization through stories, wisdom teachings, and responses to the common questions of readers, such as:

  • If I've always been one with the eternal Self, why do I feel so anxious, depressed, or angry?
  • How to do I attain a state of peace, joy, and timeless presence?
  • I've suffered so much trauma in my life - is psychotherapy helpful on this path?
  • How do I forgive others who have hurt me?
  • I understand these words, but I continue to be filled with the chatter of the mind - what should I do?

Through our own engagement and self-exploration, Mooji helps us to arrive at the answers, not from the limited perspective in which we've been conditioned, but from our deepest Knowing - and to experience "the timeless, boundless love and freedom that is the natural perfume of the Absolute."

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