Tuning Fork Set - Fibonacci - Set of 8

The BioSonics Fibonacci Set contains 8 Tuning Forks that resonate to the following:

  • 256 C
  • 384 G
  • 426.7 A
  • 512 C
  • 5/8
  • 8/13
  • 13/21
  • 21/34

The Fibonacci Tuners are part of a continuum of sound that spirals in and out of different realities. Each alternate reality is a location within a spiral revolving around a central vortex of stillness which connects with the Universal Energy Field. In many instances it may be more effective to work in an alternate reality to effect healing than in normal reality. This is no different than a psychotherapist using dreams, or a reflexologist pressing points on the feet, hand, or ear to effect healing within the whole body. In cases of trauma and addiction people often times disassociate into alternate realities. The Fibonacci Tuners create a bridge between these realities which can promote a healing response.

Benefits of using the Fibonacci Tuners include:

  • Getting in touch with higher states of knowledge, inner wisdom
  • Resolution of dissonances through a clear tone
  • Clarity of vision through alignment with source
  • Deep sense of simplicity
  • Balancing the autonomic nervous system, increases feelings of well-being
  • Great for centering

Set comes with a black velvet pouch with individual pockets for each fork.

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Category: tuning forks

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