Tibetan Statue - Vajra Sattva Pocket Blessing - 1.25"

This exquisite white resin pocket blessing of Vajra Sattva is handcrafted in Oregon, USA by Mission Studios, and is part of their Tibetan Collection. The height of this statue is approximately 1.25 inches.

Vajra Sattva is a Bodhisattva in the Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist traditions. Vajra Sattva's name translates to Diamond Mind or Thunderbolt Mind.

A rough English translation of his mantra is:
“Oṃ. Vajrasattva, keep your samaya. As Vajrasattva, remain near me. Be steadfast towards me. Be very pleased with me.  Be completely satisfied with me. Be loving to me. Grant me all accomplishments. In all actions, make me mind pure and virtuous. Hūṃ. Ha ha ha ha hoḥ. O Blessed One, Vajra-nature of all the Tathāgatas, do not abandon me. Be of vajra-nature, O great Samaya-being, āḥ.”

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