Tibetan Statue - Shakyamuni Buddha - 4"

This exquisite white resin Statue of Shakyamuni Buddha is handcrafted in Oregon, USA by Mission Studios, and is part of their Tibetan Collection. The height of this statue is approximately 4 inches.

Shakyamuni Buddha was a sage upon whose teachings Buddhism was founded.

Shakyamuni  is the historical Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama.

Shakyamuni Buddha was born to Queen Mahamaya and King Shudhodana of Kapilavastu on the night of the full moon in May, approximately 563 BCE at Lumbini, in Northern India.

Before he became enlightened his name was Prince Siddhartha Gautama. Prince Siddhartha led the privileged life of royalty. He married Yosodhara and had a son. When he was 29 years old, for the very first time, the Prince travelled outside the palace when he saw the “Four Sights”: a sick man, an old man, a corpse and a monk. He was shocked by what he saw and became convinced that all of life was pervaded by suffering.

From that moment he renounced his royal life, left his wife and child, and set out to find spiritual teachers. At first he engaged in very austere practices. But after six years he realised that such practices were not the true path to liberation from suffering. He walked to Bodhgaya, sat down beneath a tree and vowed not to rise again until he had achieved enlightenment. In the morning, Shakyamuni Buddha arose.

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