Tibetan Dhoop Rope Incense - Juniper or Sal

Juniper Dhoop (Incense) - Juniper plant is a rare herb to find in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. It is so pleasingly aromatic that it is found to have many practical uses in spiritual and religious culture. The dried form of the juniper plant, when burned, gives off smoke that has a particularly soothing effect upon the nerves, and is effective in relieving mental stress. The smoke is believed to attract God and is used by both Hindus and Buddhists in spiritual worship.

The dried juniper plant is finely powdered and wrapped in a thin strip of Nepali Lokta paper and twined, forming a stick called Dhoop. The handmade dhoop  is also used for invoking different deities. Spiritual aspirants burn the incense while in meditation, to hold the mind focused on the object of their attention.

Package contains 50 sticks. each piece measuring about 4" long.

Sal Dhoop (Incense) - This is a special kind of incense prepared by hand for Puja (worship of God) in the Hindu and Buddhist religion of Nepal.  Sal Dhoop is used for the healing of mental tension.

The contents of Sal Dhoop are Nepali Lokta Paper, Sal Dhoop (the resin of the Sal tree), Deodar and Agut Dhuoi.

Both of these forms of incense are non-toxic and non-addictive.

Made by Lahke Dhoop Udyog in Mangal Bazzar, Lalitpur, Nepal - "Quality Than Quantity is Our Motto"

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