The Woodland Garden Planting In Harmony Nature By Roy Forster And Alex Downie

This revised edition of The Woodland Garden, a luscious redesign of an inspiring and practical garden reference, features a gorgeous new layout and full-colour photos throughout. The book covers all aspects of the process-from design, plant selection and initial planting through ongoing maintenance-in easy-to-follow text and drawings. This wonderful book contains principles that can be applied anywhere in North America where gardeners garden-from the rainforest to the desert-in almost any size of garden, from public gardens and private estates right down to city lots.
Too often, artificial planting schemes are imposed on the natural landscape. In a woodland garden, Nature's ways can be stimulated or restored in easy-to-maintain gardens that delight the senses. This authoritative and beautiful book shows you how to create a natural woodland effect in your garden. A valuable source of information on hundreds of plant species ideally suited for planting in the woodland environment, it gives you all the information you need to get started.

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