The Spirit of Herbs

This illustrated guidebook to The Herbal Tarot is expertly researched and written by Candis Cantin and Michael Tierra. In addition to explaining the spiritual properties of each herb featured in the Herbal Tarot Deck, the authors present methods for tapping into the medicinal properties of herbs and for using herbs and tarot cards together as talismans and for meditation. 

The book is especially helpful in its instruction for reading with the Herbal Tarot deck for readings on spiritual and health issues. The guidebook also offers instructions and diagram for six different card spreads. Glossary includes herbal and medical terms.

Candis Cantin is an herbalist, a wholistic counselor, and a teacher of the herbal path. She has studied Ayurvedic, Chinese, European, and Native American traditions of herbal healing.

Michael Tierra is a certified acupuncturist, an herbalist, a naturopath and spiritual counselor. He has studied herbs in China, India, and with the Native Americans. 

By Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin 

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