The Infinite Oracle

Esoteric Symbolism and Communicating with the Universe 

The Infinite Oracle is a comprehensive tool for expanding knowledge about the more common divinations and how to communicate with Spiritual Helpers. One of the greatest aspects of this book is its powerful ability to provide in-depth cross-referencing. This cross-referencing tool allows you to comprehensively understand the interconnectivity of each of these different forms of divination. Not only does this information allow a person the ability to draw the connections between modalities, but also have extensive references for each zodiac sign, planet, number, tarot cards, and more. For the practitioners and the more advanced persons, this in-depth resource, along with your intuition, allows you to delve even further into your readings. What the book includes. This book gives information as to who are we communicating with, how best to phrase questions, and how to communicate without using any modality or tool, and how to use energy to magnetize what you desire. It can be used for reading Numerology, Tarot spreads, casting Runes, dowsing with a pendulum, using a communication board, Totem Animals meanings. Gem Stone & Color uses such as meditation, rituals, folk medicine and healing.

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