The Chakra Energy Cards

The Chakra Energy Cards contain healing words for the body, mind, and soul. Each card also has a special healing symbol, which conveys its message directly to the user. The cards spark gentle processes of healing and inspire us in a loving way.

In the accompanying handbook by Walter Lubeck, the affirmations of each Chakra Energy Card are supplemented by helpful suggestions for actions that offer support in resolving and releasing stuck energies. In addition, the effect of each Chakra Energy Card can be optimally complemented with the specific use of the healing gemstone, aromatherapy fragrance, and Bach Flower it recommends. It's a wonderfully thorough system.

The Chakra Energy Cards are a complete method by themselves, yet can also be integrated into almost any other spiritual system, especially Reiki. The card set contains healing affirmations and power symbols for the various areas in the subtle energy centres of the major and secondary chakras, as well as the auric fields.

Walter Lubeck lives in Germany. He offers seminars and trainings worldwide, teaching the Reiki Rainbow System he has developed. He is the author of 21 books, most of which are bestsellers, various articles in specialized magazines, and teaching videos.

He says, "Each of the 126 healing symbols on The Earth Chakra Energy Cards is a dimensional gateway for the powerful Goddess and her angels. They can send tgheir light-filled forces directly to the people who need them, who focus their attention on the card and ask for healing."

Cards measure approximately 3.25" x 2.25"

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Category: chakra, energy medicine, healing, oracles

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