The Amazing Power of Animals

Gordon Smith is renowned for delivering powerful messages to people from their loved ones on the Other Side.

But very often it's not just human friends and family members who come through-- the animals that have been so close to us in life also continue to visit us after death.

There have been many times when Gordon has given readings to clients about the loss of those very close to them, but these individuals can't "hear: the message because pain has closed them down. However, when animals turn up, the barries just dissolve, and these people can accept the truth of the information that Gordon is relaying to them about their loved ones.

In this extraordinary book, Gordon tells these heart-wrenching stories, presenting some of the amazing encounters that people have had with animals in the spirit world and here on Earth as well, including Gordon's own experiences with his springer spaniel, Charlie. This book is full of astounding personal accounts that are a great testament to the power of animals and their unconditional love for us!

By Gordon Smith


Category: books

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