Spirit of the Dancing Warrior by Lynch and Al-Huang

Asian Wisdom for Peak Performance in Athletics and Life 

"Warriorship is a journey from ordinary to extraordinary."

By opening your heart to the special connection between physical and the spiritual whether in the gym, on the field, practicing Tai Chi, or riding your bike, Spirit of the Dancing Warrior shows you how to expand and improve your experience and performance - and your relationship with all physical activity.

Using a meditation program based on 52 warrior virtues, this book presents a program of everyday spiritual training, a soulful path of wisdom, inspiration, and motivation for athletics, fitness, and life.

Coauthors Jerry and Chungliang share a life-long passion for helping others discover the warrior's path of living a fully engaged life. They also share an understanding that athletics and fitness can serve as vehicles to transport us to a more sacred space. Together, they have written Spirit of the Dancing Warrior to assist you on this path, filling it with information on practical spirituality and how to use it to achieve peak capacity in all your physical work and play. They are co-authored of five other popular and best-selling books on the marriage of eastern wisdom and peak performance, including The Way of the Champion and, Thinking Body, Dancing Mind. Amber Lotus Publishing is proud to announce it will be publishing the sixth book from this unique and inspiring pair in April of 2010, titled Spirit of the Dancing Warrior: Asian Wisdom for Peak Performance in Athletics & Life.

Dr. Lynch has worked extensively with Olympic and world-class athletes, and has been a sports psychology consultant to over 24 international and national championship teams at the professional and NCAA collegiate levels. He is the author of nine books on coaching, peak performance and sports psychology.

Chungliang Al Huang is Founder/President of Living Tao Foundation. He is a highly regarded authority of Tai Ji, Taoism and related disciplines, and is the best-selling author of the classic Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain and co-author of Tao: The Watercourse Way with Alan Watts.

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