Seed of Love by Cheryl Lee Harnish

Spirit Guides, Archangels, the Supernatural, Destiny & Intuition

A Seed of Love is the long-awaited book by Cheryl Lee Harnish.
What if you were given the chance to change the entire course of your life? What if you were able to overcome a life-time of chronic depression and unrelenting beliefs that you had no path or purpose? What if - one day - the line between this reality and 'the other side' vanished and you discovered a multitude of hidden gifts and abilities you never knew existed? During an astounding life-altering experience of Divine Light and Angelic presence, that is exactly what happened for Cheryl.

Expect the unexpected in this profound true story that reaches beyond the paranormal to deliver a powerful and moving message of faith, hidden gifts and following the heart. It's a captivating and inspiring journey into the hidden realms of spirit, angels, the supernatural and destiny.

Available in softcover

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