Buffalo Sage - 9" Bundle

Smudging is an ancient and sacred ritual of cleansing and purifying using sacred herbs. The smoke cleanses the energy and then carries the prayers upwards into the spirit skies. It is important to be clear of mind and heart when preparing to smudge. Always use fireproof surfaces.

Follow the directions below for your own smudge ceremony:

  • Prepare the area to burn the smudging stick. Use a shell or cast iron pan or similar fireproof surface. It is preferred to face the east where the day begins when beginning your ceremony.
  • Pray a quiet prayer for direction and support from the spirits and then light the smudge stick.
  • Breathe deeply while the smudge stick begins to smoke and pray for guidance and blessings.
  • Wave the smoke all over your person to cleanse yourself.
  • Wave the smoke over other participants and in all four directions of the area that you are holding the ceremony. You may carry the smoke into all rooms of a house if you desire to cleanse the house. Remember to pray for blessings and cleansings while smudging.
  • It is preferred to allow the smudge stick to stop burning on its own. However, it may be necessary to encourage the embers to go out by lightly pushing the smudge stick inside the fireproof bowl which you chose to use.
  • Stay quiet while the ceremony is being performed and give thanks for the blessings and cleansings.

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