Revelations of the Ruby Crystal

A debut novel from bestselling author Barbara Hand Clow. She weaves an erotically charged story of romance, deep earth forces, psychic powers, aristocracy, and Vatican world control centered on an ancient ruby that inspires mystical visions.

Set in Rome in 2012, the story follows Sarah Adamson, a beautiful Catholic graduate studying at the Vatican Library for her thesis on the first Christian heretic, Marcion of Pontus. She is being courted by two utterly different men: Simon Appel, a descendent of the kabbalist Isaac Luria who covers Vatican affairs for the New York Times, and Armando Pierleoni, the heir to an ancient Italian aristocratic family with strong ties to the Vatican. After a terrible encounter with the dark side, Sarah is given a ring set with a ruby crystal.

As Sarah's research and visions reveal the cause of evil in the Church, and Simon's reporting exposes the depth of the scandals surrounding the Vatican, the two form an alliance with an ex-lover, Claudia, who describes secret priestly rituals going on in Vatican City. This novel of romance, mystery, heresy, and spirituality uncovers the esoteric foundations for the emergence of a golden new age.

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