Plant and Fungus Totems

Connect with Spirits of Field, Forest and Garden

Tap into divine power of plants and fungi! Most of the books on plant magic are predominantly about working with fresh and dried herbs in magical practice. Conversely, fungi are rarely addressed other than the occasional mushrooms, and most often those with entheogenic properties. Plant and Fungus Totems explores the misunderstood realm of totemic relationships with all kinds of plants and fungi.

Accessible to people of all religious or spiritual paths, Plant and Fungus Totems shows how to work with bioregional totems; archetypal totems; and totems that relate to magical and healing correspondences. Lupa helps you understand and overcome any hidden biases in favor of trees and the tendency to see the rest of plant life as supplies to be used, instead of as allies and friends. Also includes hands-on work including wildcrafting, cooking, herbalism, flowers, domesticated crop plants, urban wild plants, and more.

Available in softcover

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