Perelandra Rose Essences 1/2 oz (14.8ml)

The Perelandra Essences are oral solutions taken to balance and stabilize the body's electric system and its circuits. They also are taken for maintaining the overall strength and balance in the electric system. The Rose Essences are produced from electrical patterns derived from the Perelandra garden and the nature kingdoms that are part of Perelandra's seventy-seven acres.
The electrical patterns contained in each bottle are set in a water-based solution that is preserved with brandy or white vinegar for safety and longevity. The pattern held in each bottle addresses different circuitry in your electric system and different kinds of circuit imbalances.
The Essences are bottled in concentrate form in a 14.8 ML pharmaceutical dropper bottles that make it easy for you to place one drop of a needed Essence on your tongue or several drops of the Essence in a glass of water to be sipped throughout the day. Because they are used one drop at a time and because they are well-preserved, each bottle has an indefinite shelf-life.

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