Pendant - Moldavite - Sterling Silver

Have you been initiated into the joy of Moldavite?

Moldavite formed when a meteorite hit the Earth in the Czech Republic, 15 million years ago. It carries otherwordly energy that increases perception to be all embracing and resonate with the highest vibrations of love and joy. It is likely to connect one with their highest guidance or Ascended Masters. Often people experience what is known as the "moldavite rush" - some may need to get used to wearing the stone as the influx of energies may be a bit intense for some. Use of grounding stones are also beneficial to use during the process. If you're ready to open up in ways that you haven't imagined, moldavite is an excellent stone to choose.

This pendant is a freeform moldavite, in a 925 sterling silver prong setting.

Measures approximately 38mm.

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