Pendant - Aspen Leaf - Sterling Silver

This 21mm pendant is of a delicate Aspen leaf, with a slight curl around the edge to capture the essence of the movement of the Aspen.

Aspen leaves tremble and flutter in the slightest breeze, making a soft whispering sound.
Our ancestors believed that the wind was the messenger of the gods. Anything closely associated to it, like aspen, was deemed sacred.
There were many speculations as to why the aspen leaves trembled:
In France, it was a religious belief that the leaves shook with fear because Christ's cross was made from Aspen wood.
In Germany, it was legend that the Aspen was the only tree that refused to acknowledge him, so Jesus had placed a curse on the Aspen - which caused the tree to tremble in fear.

In many healing modalities, aspen is given to those who experience trembles of any sort - in flower essence therapy it is used to work with unknown fears, and in herbal medicine may be used to assist with palsy symptoms.

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