Pan Statue

Pan is the god of the wild, companion of the nymphs, and symbolizes fertility. He was born with horns, a goat's beard, pointy ears, and the tail and feet of a goat. He was taken by his father to Olympus, where all the immortal gods were delighted with him, so they named him Pan (which means "all").

He loved music and dancing and playing with the female beings in the forest - the one he fell in love with was repulsed by his appearance. She fled from Pan but he chased her. As she was praying to be saved, the gods turned her into a reed. Pan heard the sound of wind moving through reeds and decided to join them together, so he could always hear the soothing tones.

Measures approximately 10" x 4.5" x 4.5"

Made of cold cast polyresin and handpainted in a bronze patina

Collections: decor

Category: Greek, statue

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