Onyx Animal Carving - Wolf

See these cute little animals carved in a gemstone and adorned with a symbol. Use them in your meditations to target specific goals related to the properties of the stone and the symbolism of the animal and the engraving. They are small enough to hold in your hand. This one represents a wolf carved in black onyx. It carries the symbol of the moon. 


Black Onyx is believed to be one of the most powerful protection stones. By absorbing negative energies, it alleviates worries and tensions. Repels negativity and helps in getting thoughts structured. Known to help in astral travel. 

The wolf symbolizes the deep connection to your intuition and instincts. This spirit animal also reflects sharp intelligence in dealing with important issues. 

The moon is a reflection of the sun. It symbolizes the accomplished woman that, through several cycles has acquired true knowledge. The one that comes only with insight. Also associated with dreams and the bearing of new projects or children.

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Category: animals, carvings, stones, wolves

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