OH Cards

"The OH Cards are an unbound book of endless pages that lead us into new adventures every time we open the decks: we find silly stories full of laughter, lovely poems of love and joy, sad tales of woe and pain.... as well as private narratives told softly to a silent room.... The OH Cards stretch our capacity to listen and to respond, to really hear each other without judgment or competitiveness."

Features two Decks of 88 Cards each - one of paintings, one of words. Frame a picture card with a word card and explore the meaning of the set. There are 7744 different possible combinations, and many more interpretations. Use alone as a solitaire and together in couples, families or groups.

The OH Cards are found in homes, schools, clinics and centres for corporate training. These beautiful cards are designed to increase intuition, imagination, insight and communication. Around the world people are using these unique cards to reclaim their sense of self and their sense of place in this universe. The OH Cards were created to put you in touch with yourself and with those around you. 

Artist Ely Raman

Collections: divination

Category: oracles

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