Mushrooms and Other Fungi

For amateur collectors or professional mycologists working in the field, this guidebook is quite simply the best North American mushroom reference ever published. Each of the 1,000 specimens is shown in full colour on a neutral background to eliminate distractions, and specimens are arranged to show the cap, stem, gills, spines and a cross section, usually in various stages of growth. Roger Phillips identifies all regional varieties of Basidiomycetes, which include chanterelles, puffballs and fungi, and Ascomycetes, which include morels and cup fungi. Detailed descriptive information on each mushroom variety includes: Dimensions of cap, gills and stem, colour and texture of flesh, odour and taste, habitat and growing season, distribution and appearance of spores, edibility and poison warnings There is also helpful advice on collecting specimens plus an illustrated beginner identification key and a generic key for the more advanced collector. Mushrooms and Other Fungi of North America is at once the ideal introduction to mycology and an essential reference for the experienced collector - the definitive book in its category. 

Available in softcover

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