Mushrooming with Confidence by Alexander Schwab

A Guide to Collecting Edible and Tasty Mushrooms

A handy guide for identifying the most common and delicious mushrooms! Picking mushrooms in the woods on a sunny day can be fun for the whole family ... but only if you do it safely! There are thousands of different species of fungi, so it can be hard to tell which are edible and which are poisonous when you are picking them for yourself in the wild. Safe and unsafe species often closely resemble each other, and worrying about which mushrooms are safe and which might be deadly can take all the fun out of mushrooming. Enter Mushrooming with Confidence! Improving on the usual overwhelming and exhaustive wild plant guidebook, Mushrooming with Confidence is a slim, handy manual that focuses on the tastiest and most common mushrooms, so that you can easily spot those that are not only safe to eat, but also a delight to cook and share!

Here mushrooms are divided into four identification categories so that anyone will be able to recognize what he or she is looking at quickly and correctly. Thirty of the most common and delicious types are explained in detail, from the common field mushroom to the pretty purple amethyst deceiver and the prolific and tasty charcoal burner. Each mushroom includes a "Positive ID Checklist" that the reader can go through to be absolutely certain they have the right species, and more than 300 colour photographs make it a snap to know exactly what kind of mushroom you've found ... and whether you really want to pick it!

Available in softcover

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