Mummy Toon - Painted Resin 4"

The mummy has become a staple of cheesy Hollywood horror, but the power of this enduring, if adorable, figurine cannot be denied. In ancient times, mummification was a spiritual burial practice thought to ensure safe passage for pharaohs into the Afterlife, but as the ancient Egyptian culture evolved the process of mummification was democratized and became an increasingly common burial practice even for regular folk. In the 19th century, the British craze of Egyptology began a trend of mummy-eating, where Victorian aristocrats believed that the mummy's body held spiritual and curative powers. English nobles would even host mummy unwrapping parties, where they would show off their exotic spoils--mostly robbed from the unearthed graves of ancient Egyptian royals. This practice was so popular that it created a mummy shortage. In resin miniature, this mummy ensures your desk, windowsill, or shelf are adorable (if a little spooky) with his cartoonish charm.

Dia: 2" x H: 3.5"

Collections: decor

Category: ancient egypt, egyptian, figurines, mummy, statues

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