Miracles for the Earth

Do you believe in miracles? According to Sandra Ingerman, there is a seven-step formula for creating miracles that is found within ancient texts and spiritual teachings worldwide. On Miracles for the Earth, she teaches you how to combine this process with the practice of "shape-shifting into your own divine light" to produce healing miracles that can be scientifically measured and proven. Working with the universal principle that harmony within creates harmony without, Ingerman teaches visualizations, ceremonies, and meditations for you to heal yourself and your environment. Drawing from 20 years of research, scientific experimentation, and healing rituals performed with thousands of people, this internationally respected shamanic teacher demonstrates how to: Access and give voice to your deepest intuition and spiritual guidance Perform a healing ritual to transmute toxins in yourself and your environment Establish and deepen your relationship with nature, and much more.


By Sandra Ingerman

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