Mini Smudging Kit - Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar

This mini smudge kit has been harvested sustainable from Barrows, Manitoba by Creative Spirit, a 100% Aboriginal owned company.

This mini smudging kit contains one clam shell, one sweet grass braid, one sage wrap and one cedar stick.

Sweet Grass- used to bless food at the begining of a feast and to bless all those at a gathering. Sweet grass teaches us kindness: it is also referred to as the hair of our Mother, the Earth.

Sage- Offers strength, wisdom and clearness of purpose.
Cedar- Purifies and attracts positive energy and emotions.

Clam Shell - used for the Earth connection, to hold the smudge stick(s) while the smoke rises in prayer/meditation to the Creator.

To use, cut a small piece of plant and place it into the clam shell. Ignite, and blow gently on the embers to produce smoke. Wash the smoke over your eyes, ears, mouth, heart and body.

As with any burning material, please use care and mindfulness while burning to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

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