Merging with the Infinite

Life poses many questions. Dying is one of them: What do we do at the moment of death? 


For the most part, we deny death. We never really look into the nature of death as a cycle of life. We never examine our reactions; therefore, we never give ourselves the chance to practice how to die; as Warrior Saints, gracefully and courageously.

Our denial produces either fantasy or fear in the subconscious, which blocks prosperity and creates dis-ease in our lives and our relationships. We must learn how to confront the moment of death and determine our Self within it so that we can "cross over."

"If a person doesn't know how to die and doesn't know where the grace is or how to confront that last moment, what is the purpose of life?" - Yogi Bhajan

Merging with the Infinite shares quotes and meditations about the many aspects of death and dying, based on the teaching of Yogi Bhajan.

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