Mala - Bracelet - Dark Yak Bone

Each Ahimsa Om mala has been handmade in British Columbia, Canada, using traditional materials sourced from all over the world.

These malas feature Dark Yak Bone as the main bead, with further selections for the accentuating tassel bead.  The colour of the string varies as to Ahimsa Om's unique process in putting these together - please send us an email to inquire about colours to find out what we have in stock.

They are intended to be used during meditation, worn as a reminder of mindfulness, and to represent one's practice. Each one has a slipknot which allows the space between the beads to be adjusted for meditation, and allows the wrist malas to fit over one's hand. To adjust, pull the beads on either side of the knot to loosen the mala, and pull the tassel beads to close it again.

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Category: mala, meditation, prayer

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