Llewellyn's Complete Formulary of Magical Oils

by Celeste Rayne Heldstab

Over 1200 Recipes, Potions & Tinctures for Everyday Use

Explore the fantastically fragrant world of magical oils and enrich your life with their mystical, energizing and transformative power.
This is the only book available that shows how to select and mix 67 essential oils for a myriad of magical, medicinal and spiritual applications - arranged alphabetically for ease of use. Bursting with 1,200 original recipes for spells, rituals and remedies, this comprehensive book also enables you to create your own blends.

Mix potent, all-natural fragrances and tinctures to attract a lover, perform healing work, calm your mind, protect your home, summon inner strength, consecrate ritual tools, celebrate the Sabbats, and achieve anything you wish.

Available in softcover

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Category: essential oil, healing, magic

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