Living Bliss by C. Norman Shealy

Major Discoveries Along the Holistic Path

foreword by Caroline Myss

Almost a century of research has shown that the most conscientious individuals enjoy longer and healthier lives. The crucial feature of conscientiousness is being organized and responsible, which are the traits that contribute most to society in general. Unfortunately, some individuals fail to achieve their greatest potential because they did not establish the nurturing, bonding system that is most essential for health, happiness, and success. In this book, you will find the tools to optimize your self-esteem, health, and longevity. In the 1960s, the use of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) took acupuncture to a new level, revolutionizing pain management. Now the most important acupuncture advancement in 4,000 years is the activation of the hormone oxytocin without needles or electrical stimulation. By using essential oils on acupuncture points, you will create the "bliss" that enables you to fulfill your potential for conscientious living. Based on research of the past two decades, it is now possible for you to activate five specific acupuncture circuits. Using this method, you will:   - Restore dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), the most important health-enhancing hormone
- Boost your calcitonin, the essential thyroid hormone for maintaining bone strength and reducing pain
- Reduce free radicals, the scavengers that essentially wear out or "rust" your body
- Balance your aldosterone, the adrenal hormone responsible for water and potassium health
- Activate your crucial bonding, nurturing hormone-oxytocin-the ultimate bliss hormone!
  Using specific blends of natural essential oils, you can do your own transcutaneous acupuncture- with no needles and in only 30 seconds! This is a powerful path to conscientious living that enables you to live a longer, healthier, and happier life-helping yourself, and, as a result, helping others.

Avaiable in softcover

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