Kirtain Kids

Call-and-response singing has a rich history as a teaching tool beloved by generations. In India's devotional tradition, we find this music in the form of kirtan, an inspirational art that is steadily gaining popularity among western spiritual practitioners - and their children! With Kirtan Kids, Grammy«-nominee Jai Uttal presents the first record of its kind created for families to sing, laugh, dance, and celebrate life together.
Featuring a children's choir accompanying Jai, Kirtan Kids will delight listeners with both Sanskrit and English chants and playful stories including:

"Gopala Eats the Dirt"
"Hanuman Flies to the Sun"
"The Little Butter Thief"
"Ram's Bridge"
"A Tale of Ganesha"
"Dance Shiva Dance"
Says Jai of the growing interest in kirtan performed by children, "What I didn't expect is just how many people have totally responded to hearing Indian kirtan with a kid singing. I love the fact that this has touched so many people's hearts, young and old." With Kirtan Kids, he brings this beautiful practice to a new generation of eager listeners.

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