Kathy Meaney Magnet - Too Much Cocktail

Kathy Meaney is a painter from Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada. This quality magnet is from her Ladies of the Lake Series and is entitled, Too Much Cocktail .

This is what Kathy Meaney has to say about her paintings: "Women relate to other women in their own way. Their bonds and mutual knowingness is expressed in their body language and this is why I paint mainly women. They celebrate and treasure their friendships in the safety net of each other. Sometimes they share, laugh and cry all at the same time. With this, I intend on luring the viewer into my paintings as they can often identify to the humor and antics of my ladies. My ladies are rotund and voluptuous. I enjoy painting the curvaceous lines and shading. As society dictates we must be a certain proportion, I say and paint that we do not. Women need to accept who they are as they are and often, I am thanked just for that."

These magnets are extra strong,  they measure 3.5"X2.5", and are great for gift giving. They fit nicely into a notecard...

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