Instant Palm Reader by Linda Domin

A Roadmap to Life

One of the difficulties with learning how to read palms has been the number of variations of the lines and mounts (fleshy pads) on the palms. Linda Domin has created hundreds of drawings showing virtually every possibility for each line!

What does it mean if the Saturn Line begins from the Life Line? Illustration 281 not only shows you what it looks like, it also describes the meaning of this combination. Look at illustration 127 to see what a Head Line ending in a small, neat fork looks like. The text reveals that it means you have the "gift of gab" and much more.

More than 500 illustrations show how to interpret all the major mounts and lines, including the Life Line, Mars Line, Head Line, and Heart Line. Also included is a history of palmistry (it goes back thousands of years) and the reason that palmistry works.

Once you have used this book to give palm readings to yourself, friends, and relatives, you will see just how easy, accurate, and effective palmistry can be.

The next step is to start reading palms professionally. This book gives a complete short course on the essentials of professional palm reading, which includes everything you must cover in a reading, as well as how to share the information with your clients and even how much to charge. This is a book that can change your life. Get your copy today.

Available in softcover

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