Homemade Magick

The Musings and Mischief of a Do-It Yourself Magus
You've read about magickal rituals, and rites, but what is the life of a magician really like? Lon Milo DuQuette shares his forty years as a magician, it's ups and downs, ins and outs, revealing the truth about magick from one of the world's most respected mages, and how the foundation of his magick is his family and home.

Along the way you'll discover how to choose your magickal motto, perform a self-initiation ritual, make a Pantacle and magickal sword, raise children in a magickal home, perform the Rite of Earth, and live life as a true mage. Written in Lon's famous humorous style that makes learning and discovery joyous and fun, you'll find yourself breaking into laughter between acknowledging new discoveries about magick and life.

Available in softcover

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Category: magic

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