Himalayan Salt Lamp - Small - USB Plug-In

Himalayan rock salt is excavated from the foothills of the Himalayas, an area that is pure and untouched by pollution.

These lamps naturally purify the air by releasing negative ions. These negative ions provide essential health benefits and give the air a freshness - some say it reminds them of the forest or the outdoors after a thundershower.

Many health care practitioners use salt lamps in their healing space to treat ailments like asthma, headaches, and allergies.

The soft orange glow creates a calming and tranquil ambience to any environment.

The salt lamp will absorb humidity and may develop salt deposits. Keep your lamp turned on as much as possible to avoid this happening.

Salt lamps are meant for indoor use only.

The lamp you receive will be no larger than 6 inches high by approximately 4 inches wide, in the rough style that you see pictured here. The USB cord is just over 4 feet long and can either be plugged directly into a computer, or into a USB wall outlet.

Please note that the lamp pictured is not the one that you will receive. The salt lamps are one of the most popular items in the store and they tend to sell out fast.

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