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Pine is obtained from the dry distillation of the needles (sometimes the young twigs and cones are also used) to produce an oil that is very pale yellow in color. Its main constituent is pinene. Some of the areas of origin are Europe and North America.

Essential oil of Pine has a stimulating effect on the circulation, making it good for helping to relieve the pain of sore muscles, arthritis or rheumatism. It is used mainly for helping to treat respiratory and urinary tract infections as well as muscular pain. It is an excellent expectorant as well as a powerful pulmonary antiseptic. For an individual with a cold, sinusitis, coughs, bronchitis or sore throat, this oil is useful when used in a steam inhalation, several times daily. When dealing with these types of infections, pine blends well with eucalyptus (radiata), or tea tree. It is a refreshing, stimulating, clean smelling oil that is helpful when dealing with nervous exhaustion or mental fatigue.

It is also excellent for cleaning.

Available in 5m and 10ml sizes

Specific Cautions

Can be a skin irritant. Should be avoided in those with allergies. Avoid during pregnancy.

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