Green Valley Aromatherapy - Origanum - 5ml

Origanum (oregano) is an herb from which the essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves and flowering tops. Some of its countries of origin are North Africa, Europe and Asia.

Oregano is highly antiseptic, antiviral and a respiratory stimulant. It is also an analgesic, antirheumatic and an expectorant but it carries with it a high degree of hazards if not used properly. It is a fairly severe skin irritant and a very severe mucous membrane irritant. Oreganum is an oil best used in a diffuser or room spray. Keep at a 1% dilution when using in a massage oil.

Specific Cautions

This oil must definitely be avoided when pregnant and should never be used on babies or small children. Skin and mucous membrane irritant. Use a 1% maximum for massage.

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