Green Valley Aromatherapy - Niaoli - 5ml

Niaouli is a bush from which the leaves and young twigs are steam distilled to produce an oil that can vary in color from pale to dark yellow. It contains between 50% and 60% cineol, eucalyptol, terpineol, pinene, limonene and various esters. Its main country of origin is Australia.

Niaouli has antiseptic properties and is therefore excellent for cleaning wounds, cuts or grazes, especially if any dirt has gotten into them. Add 5 or 6 drops of Niaouli to 250mls of boiled cool water and rinse wound repeatedly. It is a powerful tissue stimulant and therefore will help healing. Niaouli is not irritating to the skin, when used in suitable dilutions.

Niaouli can be used in massage, as a gargle and even as a vaginal douche for helping to treat cystitis and other urinary tract infections. Because of its tissue stimulation qualities, Niaouli may help with burns.

A little known use for Niaouli is with radiation therapy for cancer. A thin layer may be applied to the skin before each session of cobalt therapy and this may provide some protection to the area being treated to minimize the burning effects on the skin. The tissue stimulating properties are most likely responsible for helping the burns to heal faster.

Specific Cautions:

Avoid in the first trimester of pregnancy. Should not be used on children under 2 years of age.

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